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Flipping the 24s

A colleague of mine asked why I’ve been doing kettlebell flips so much lately. There are a number of things that set this exercise protocol apart from traditional resistance training. In addition to the pure strength, conditioning and hypertrophic adaptations, kettlebell juggling and flipping:

1. Challenges hand-eye coordination
2. Satisfies the mind’s desire for skill-acquisition
3. Involves aspects of fun and play, which are lacking in many exercise protocols

HOW TO: Kettlebell Backward Flip and Catch

Kettlebell training improves your grip, builds muscle, develops explosive strength, and tones your body.  Flipping a kettlebell develops hand-eye coordination, mental focus, and is lots of fun.

Here’s how:

1. Master the kettlebell swing.

2. Master the high pull.

3. Err on the side of releasing high, as this will give you more time to catch the bell during its freefall.

4. Center your grip on the handle, not near the horn as in a regular grip.

5. Your eyes must remain on the kettlebell at all times during the flip. Distraction is the main reason for drops.

6. If possible, practice outdoors on grass or dirt, cuz you’re gonna drop it.  Don’t do this at your gym.

7. Don’t even think about this if you’re an uncoordinated, non-athletic noob.

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