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Gluten Glutton

Bad GrainsBagels, pizza, pasta, cookies, cakes, and beer. I love each of these blessed morsels. Alas, new science is showing that these non-ancestral “foods,” are brutally unhealthy and quite literally, addictive. Omitting wheat-containing foods from my diet has set into motion a revolution in my physical fitness and provided me with an abundance of balance and clarity in my emotional well-being and cognition. It’s my desire and duty to share the science behind how and why this can make your life better. Hopefully, I will convince you to join me and enjoy the benefits of a diet which mimics that of our primitive ancestors.

I believe we must rediscover the natural reservoir of health, enjoyed by the robust and vigorous members of our ancient family.

Modern wheat has been hybridized and manipulated over several millennia and now bears only a vague likeness to its ancestor, Einkorn. More recently, scientists have taken wheat engineering off the farm and into the test tube, creating a variety of hardy, energy-dense, “Frankengrains.” An unfortunate result of this experimentation is the increased content of metabolic toxins and anti-nutrients which play a major role in the proliferation of, “diseases of affluence.” The most notorious molecular offender is gluten. Gluten, which has been linked to a condition known as, “Leaky-Gut Syndrome,” (permeability of the gut wall) is a protein composite which helps make bread spongy and keep a round shape as it rises. One insidious effect of Leaky-Gut is that it allows for the passage of large food molecules and bacteria into the bloodstream. As a result, antibodies seek out these presumably pathogenic invaders and mount a wicked immune assault. This abnormal and chronic immune response can cause fatigue, mental fog, headaches, bloating and even depressive/anxiety symptoms. Not surprisingly, Einkorn, wheat’s grand-daddy, has only a small amount of gluten.

Have you ever wondered why bread is sometimes called a, “comfort food?”  It’s AN ADDICTIVE DRUG!  The digestion of wheat results in the release of opiate-like exorphins. When these molecules reach the brain, they bind to opiate receptors, resulting in drug-like interactions, similar to the effects of opiate drugs such as heroin and morphine. As with most addictive agents, there may be withdrawal upon cessation of use, leading to cravings, binging and in the long run, weight gain. Indeed, there is increasing data to suggest that wheat is smack.

I could go on about my personal experience, having lost 30 lbs, my increased energy levels, and my major mood improvement, but I’m just one example. Do your own quick Google research. You’ll find stories of people whose health, wellness, and success have gone 180 degrees, in response to quitting wheat.

For some people, quitting wheat can be as hard as quitting cigarettes. The health benefit is at least as substantial, in terms of owning a healed body and harnessing a wellspring of life-energy, from within.

My challenge to you is simple… Try quitting ALL GRAINS (not just wheat) for 30 days. You may undergo physical and mental turmoil while attempting to quit, but if you don’t feel awesome after 30 days, I’ll eat my gluten-free hat. Leave a comment below, as your commitment to wellness begins. I’ll be here to encourage you and answer questions.

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